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Welcome to my website. My name is Karen, and I am about to introduce as many women and their Significant others to the world of BOUDOIR photography.

It is finally happening, Cha Cha Sugar, where every, and I mean EVERY woman will be able to be the Sassy, Scandalous, Scrumptious, Spirited, Spicy, Sexy, and any other S word you can think of in a fabulous Photo Shoot of their very own.

Boudoir is Soulful, Soft, Sophisticated, and very, very Special.

Love ya

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8.Ms. H(non-registered)
I must thank Karen for such an amazing experience! Your professionalism and eye for detail made my pictures more gorgeous then I could have imagined. At first, I was very sceptic to the idea but wanted to do something fun for my husband-to-be. After talking to Karen and her team, I instantly felt secure, safe, confident, and beautiful. It was an experience every woman should have in their life. Every negative judgment I had going into this immediately changed. The team directed you to accentuate your best features. I cannot thank her enough for making me feel like a real model and make me look like one too!
Hi Sis, love your website and the music, I am so proud of you!!!! Love, Gloria
Great pics Karen...had a ball...
Great job cousin.
I'm ready to take some pictures.....
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